Daniel Guarino v. Radius Financial Group, Inc.

C.A. No. 2283CV00196

If you were mailed a notice by Radius Financial Group, Inc. (“Defendant”) regarding a Cybersecurity Incident that was discovered in July 2021, you may be eligible for monetary compensation and identity theft protection.

A settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit against Radius Financial Group, Inc. (“Radius” or “Defendant”) relating to the potential compromise of personally identifiable information (“PII”) of current and/or former clients of Radius due to a Cybersecurity Incident involving Defendant’s computer network that was discovered in July 2021 (the “Cybersecurity Incident”). The PII potentially compromised during the Data Incident includes full names and Social Security numbers.

Settlement Class: If you received a notice of the Cybersecurity Incident from Radius Financial Group, Inc., you are a likely a “Settlement Class Member.”

  • The Settlement provides payments to people who submit Valid Claims for ordinary unreimbursed losses, such as out-of-pocket expenses and Lost Time, and for stolen funds. The Settlement provides for a two (2) year-membership of identity theft protection services for Settlement Class Members who claim the benefit here. In addition to these monetary and nonmonetary benefits, Radius has implemented data-security enhancements to its computer systems to better protect your PII in the future. Your legal rights are affected regardless of whether you do or do not act. Read the Notice carefully.

If you are a Class Member, you options are listed below.

Your Legal Rights and Options in this Settlement

Submit a Claim Form This is the only way you can get payment.
Object to the
Write to the Court with reasons why you do not agree with the Settlement.
Go to the Final
Approval Hearing
You may ask the Court for permission for you or your attorney to speak about your objection at the Final Approval Hearing.
Do Nothing You will not get any payment from this Settlement, and you will give up certain legal rights. Submitting a Claim Form is the only way to obtain payment under this Settlement.

These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained in the Notice and on this website. For complete details, view the Settlement Agreement. The Court in charge of this case still has to decide whether to grant final approval of the Settlement. Payments will only be made after the Court grants final approval of the Settlement and after any appeals are resolved.

Your legal rights are affected whether you act or don’t act. Please read the information provided on this website and the settlement documents carefully.